Currency: US Dollar $

Tip name: Tip

Annual income: 63,690 US dollars = 54,243 euros.


Unlike in many European countries, tipping is part of the salary in the USA, which is why service staff in restaurants depend on it. It is therefore a matter of course or an obligation to tip in the USA. In restaurants it is customary to tip the waiter 20% of the bill. If you are very satisfied with the service, it is quite normal to tip 25-30%. All other services are also tipped sufficiently.



For any special service (getting theatre or concert tickets or reserving restaurant tables): 2-10 dollars.

Luggage carrier

1 dollar per piece of luggage (at check-in and check-out).


1 dollar tip for getting a taxi.

Room cleaning

At least 1 dollar per day. Leave in a labelled envelope or clearly visible on your pillow.
In luxury hotels: 3-5 dollars per day.

Room Service

15-20% of the bill amount.

Parking attendants

2-3 dollars when returning the car.



1 Dollar per bag.

Loading car

For the person loading the car 1-5 dollars is common (depending on the amount of the purchase).



Tipping of 15-20% is expected in restaurants. If you are particularly satisfied with the service, 25% is also appropriate.
In bars and cafés, 15% of the bill is customary.
In fast-food restaurants (where you are not served at the table) it is not customary to tip.


15% of the fare, minimum $2-3; more for special assistance such as carrying luggage. 
Limousine drivers (luxury limousines) receive 20% of the fare.

Shuttle Bus

Shuttle bus drivers: 1-2 dollars per piece of luggage.

Delivery service

Usual is 20% for the delivery man. Attention: Sometimes the tip is already included in the bill.


Usual is 10-20% of the invoice amount.


At many tourist spots there are showmen in well-known costumes with whom you can have your picture taken.
If no specific price is mentioned, you can expect to pay 2 dollars.

Tour guide/driver

Organised bus tour/city tour: Tour guide: 3-4 dollars per day and person, bus driver 2-3 dollars.

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By the way: The word “tip” apparently originally stands for “to insure promptitude”, which means: To ensure promptitude.

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