Digital tip simple & fast on the mobile phone

1. Scan QR-Code


2. Select amount


3. Secure payment


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Scan QR code or click the tip button


Do it yourself!

Digital tipping now also for you – free of charge and without obligation.

Simply get the QR code here, then get creative and print the code on various materials and let your customers scan it right away.


Our B2B-Solutions


  • Personal single tip ID per employee
  • Independently create and manage employees
  • Tips are paid directly into the employees’ accounts every month
  • No commitment: cancellable at any time

 25 single tip IDs

Price: € 25,- / month (excl. VAT)


  • Per team code: 10 individual codes self-assignable
  • No effort due to automatic distribution (% key) of tips
  • Tips are paid directly into the employees’ accounts every month
  • No commitment: cancellable at any time

3 team codes with 30 individual tip IDs

Price: € 40,- / month (excl. VAT) 

Digital tipping - fair and directly to the employee

Ideal for hairdresser, cosmetics, restaurant, hotel, bar, taxi and all other service providers

Tip@Click - The gamechanger for your recruitment search Find employees more easily now and keep them in the company for the long term

Our expert tip: The advice on the digital tips also increases the cash tips - as a discreet impulse to give a tip.

3 ways to get a digital tip


  • Scan the QR code with your mobile phone
  • Print QR code on any material
  • Invoice, flyer, card, sticker, stand-up display or digitally as a screen, etc.


  • Displays all employees at the location 
  • Select employees and tip them
  • Or send a tip to the team: 
    Automatic distribution of the money in %.


  • Provide material with NFC sticker 
  • Mobile phone automatically reads content
  • No need to scan QR code 
  • Nearly 100% first read rate
""Since Tip@Click we have a nice tradition: our team then does something together with the collected tip. That connects and motivates!"
Get your Tip-ID now
"My customers don't have any cash with them - but some still want to tip me personally. Now it's easy to do via mobile phone."
Get your Tip-ID now
"Tip@Click has made us two-fold enthusiastic: We get more tips now and we are all much more
motivated too!"
Get your Tip-ID now

More tips & appreciation but less effort because of digital tipping

Advantages for entrepreneurs

No administrative effort due to automatic distribution of tips

Practical tipping for customers

Higher motivation and increased performance of staff

Positioning as a social and innovative employer 

Adapted design to the company


Advantages for staff

Additional possibility to receive a tip

More tips – also on cashless payments

Tax-free tip directly to the bank account

Control over the tip with the user interface

More appreciation and motivation at work


Advantages for customers

Practical and easy tipping 

Safe and fast paying with ATM & credit card  

Tips are guaranteed to go directly to the right person

Easy handling abroad

Spontaneous tipping without cash

Direct positive feedback for staff








Languages in the App






Digital tipping - Ideal for all services


Spa & Wellness


Bars & Cafes

Fast Food

Delivery Service

Parcel Services



Hair Salons

Beauty Salons

Fitness Studios

More tips and more motivation with digital tipping

Travelling with Tip@Click Our practical tip guide reveals you the tipping habits in over 30 countries: