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Tip@Click is a platform that makes it possible to give and receive tips digitally. This works easily and quickly via mobile phone using a TipID – either via a QR code, an NFC stick or a location search.

The personal TipID is individual for everyone. It is generated in each case and is made up of name, email address, industry, city, country. The guest can therefore be sure that their tip is guaranteed to go directly to the right person.

Category: TipAtClick EN

It works very simply and quickly: the customer (tipper) scans the QR code of the service provider with the camera function of his mobile phone and is thus immediately and automatically redirected to the “tipping page” of the respective scanned employee. This can also be done very quickly via an NFC sticker that can be attached to the materials. Furthermore, the customer can also enter the tip ID directly on or use the location localisation to display all users registered at the location and then select someone.

Now the customer can select a tip amount and immediately transfer the sum online (by credit card or debit card). The tip recipient receives a message about the collected tip. After paying, the customer can also send a message to their service provider, e.g. thanking them for the good service.

Category: TipAtClick EN

Tip@Click is suitable for all people working in the service sector. Whether gastronomy, hotel business, hairdresser and cosmetics industry, taxi and delivery services, street artists, salesmen and many more. – they all deserve a fair tip.

Companies that make Tip@Click available to their employees also benefit: increased motivation of employees, appearance as an innovative entrepreneur and less organisational effort of tip distribution.

Category: TipAtClick EN

Tip@Click is absolutely secure! Tip@Click’s tip payments are processed through the certified payment processor Stripe. This is handled by one of the world’s largest payment processing companies, Stripe. For more information on how payments are processed, click here: (

Tip@Click does not store any payment information and we do not share any of your data unless you have explicitly agreed to this. For more information, please see our privacy policy and GTCs.

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Individual IDs: Tip@Click provides the creation and further use of individual IDs for service providers or service companies free of charge.

Company package: For medium to large companies we recommend the company package. This package contains up to 100 individual IDs and also includes the option of a common company image (CI) for all individual accounts. The company package costs € 15 per month (plus VAT).

Team package: Our team package is ideal for companies where employees work together in teams. It allows the automatic distribution of tips according to a self-adjusted % key. Our team package includes 20 team codes with 100 individual IDs and costs € 20 per month (plus VAT).

Fees are charged for the transfer of tips. These consist of transaction fees on the one hand and portal fees on the other. The total fees amount to €0.20 plus 10% of the respective tip amount including VAT. These costs are paid by the tip givers – if not specifically deselected – so that the tip recipient is left with the full tip amount. If the tip giver unchecks the box for the payment of fees, the costs will be deducted from the tip amount.

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Tip@Click offers many advantages – for entrepreneurs, for employees and for customers.

The most important advantages for entrepreneurs:

No administrative effort due to automatic distribution of tips

Practical tipping for customers

Higher motivation and increased performance of staff

Positioning as a social and innovative employer

Advantages for service providers:

Additional opportunity to receive tips

More tips – also for cashless payments

Tax-free tips directly to the account

Control over the tip through the user interface

More appreciation and motivation at work

Advantages for customers:

Practical and easy tipping

Safe and fast with ATM & credit card

Tips are guaranteed to reach the right person directly

Easy handling abroad

Spontaneous tipping without cash

Direct positive feedback for staff

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Tip@Click does not offer tax advice. However, according to Austrian and German law, tips voluntarily paid directly by the customer to the staff are tax-free. As Tip@Click offers such direct transfers, the tip received via Tip@Click is classified as tax-free. However, we recommend that all businesses seek individual advice from a tax advisor.

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Tip@Click offers several possibilities to get a Tip-ID. A distinction is made between individual IDs, company IDs and team IDs.

Access to single IDs: Single Tip-IDs can be obtained easily, free of charge and without obligation via our website. Please fill in the form on the homepage under “Our business models and prices”. We need this data to be able to generate the individual Tip-ID for you. Of course, you can also contact us via our contact form or by email.

Access to Team-IDs: Team-IDs can be ordered in our online shop or requested via the contact form or via email. We will then contact you to clarify the details and provide you with the requested IDs.

Access to company IDs: can be ordered in our online shop or requested via the contact form or email. We will then contact you to clarify the details and provide you with the requested Ids.

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Tip@Click offers Individual IDs and Team IDs depending on the needs of the service providers.

Individual IDs are particularly suitable for sole traders and smaller businesses. Service providers work individually for themselves, not in teams, and would also like to receive their tip individually for the service provided. Examples include suppliers, taxi drivers, yoga teachers, masseurs, beauticians, chiropodists, artists, etc. Smaller businesses in the hairdressing industry, where each service provider works individually, are also included here. Everyone manages their account independently and also receives the tips given 1:1 on their account. Tip@Click offers these individual IDs free of charge and without commitment.

Team IDs are primarily intended for medium-sized to larger businesses and for working together in teams. Examples are the gastronomy and hotel industry. Up to 10 employees with individual IDs can be assigned to a team code. The account is managed by the business. It can create employees independently and assign them to the respective teams. The distribution key of the tip in % within the group is also selected here. The transmitted tip is thus automatically divided proportionally among the members of the team and then transferred to the respective account.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please contact the Chat or the Support Hotline. will be happy to help!