Currency: Turkish lira

Tip name: Bakschisch

Annual income: 27,640 US dollars = 23,536 euros


Turkey is the opposite of Japan when it comes to tipping: here it is taboo and extremely rude not to give a small tip (“baksheesh”). In restaurants, about 10% of the bill is appropriate; the coins are left on the table. For small favours, it is customary in Turkey to offer a cigarette or something sweet as a thank you and sign of respect. If you don’t have anything like that, you round up the price slightly. One exception is the bazaar: here, no tips are given. The price you don’t negotiate down at the bazaar is the tip. Even in a normal shop with fixed prices, it is not customary to tip.



Tip boxes are often located at reception, but also at other places (exit dining room). The money deposited here is divided among all the staff, including the waiters and kitchen staff. Otherwise, they have no possibility to get additional money.

Luggage carrier

2-3 Turkish Lira per piece of luggage.

Room cleaning

2-3 Turkish Lira per day.


3-6 Turkish Lira per order. 



10-15% of the invoice amount is appropriate.


Rounded up to a round sum, maximum 10% of the fare.
In addition, about 6 Turkish lira (one euro) per piece of luggage that the driver helped with.


10% of the bill is well received.

Tip@Click Expert-Tipp:

In Turkey, it is not customary for a table party to pay separately – even though this European peculiarity has now become established in tourist resorts.
Turks even call this form of payment (somewhat derogatorily) “alman üsüllü” (“according to German custom”).
It is therefore better for one person to take the total bill first and then split it up afterwards if necessary.