Currency: Swedish krona

Tip name: Dricks

Annual income: 54,030 US dollars = 46,044 euros


In general, tipping is rather uncommon in Scandinavian countries. In many places, a friendly and frequent “Tack”, Takk” or “Tak” (“Thank you” in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish) is quite sufficient. If you want to express your satisfaction, you are welcome to round up the amount in the restaurant or leave a few coins on the counter. Sweden, however, is an exception: Here it has become established practice to pay a tip in restaurants and taxis. 10 per cent is considered appropriate.



In some hotels there is also a “tip box” at the reception. The tip is divided among all the employees in the hotel. When you leave, you can still show your appreciation here.

Luggage carrier

Porters usually have fixed fees. No tip is necessary, but they are of course still happy to receive a small amount.

Room cleaning

5-10 kroner per day (approx. 50 cents – 1 euro), left in cash in the room.


Tipping is not necessary; however, everyone is happy to receive a small amount.



10% of the invoice amount is appropriate.


10% of the invoice amount is appropriate


Tipping is unusual.

Tip@Click Expert-Info:

Caution: If the guest pays with a credit or debit card, the waiter inserts it into the device and holds it out to the guest. The display shows the amount of money the guest paid for what he or she consumed. In some restaurants, the device is programmed in such a way that the guest should now enter the amount he wants to pay at the end. If he does not give a tip, he repeats the number on the display. Or he adds the amount he wants to pay extra, for example 400 kroner instead of the 367 kroner displayed. Those who are not used to this think that the PIN number is asked for. He enters a four-digit number – a much too high sum.