Tip Guide - Japan

Currency: Yen

Tip name: ヒント (Hinto)

Annual income: US$44,380 = €37,861


In Japan, tipping is not a tradition. Even today, both giving and accepting tips is often frowned upon (especially away from international tourist areas). In fact, perfect service is considered a matter of course in Japan and does not need to be rewarded with money. In tourist centres or larger hotels, good room service can be rewarded with 100 or 200 yen (1 to 2 euros). But: To do this, you have to put the money in an envelope and write name/function on it. It is considered impolite to give money without an envelope. Another nice idea is to reward good service with small gifts and attentions.



Tipping is not expected or accepted.

Luggage carrier

Tipping is not expected or accepted.

Room cleaning

Tipping is not expected or accepted. Einzige Möglichkeit: The only option is to leave money in an envelope labelled with name.


Tipping is not expected or accepted.



It is not customary to tip. However, if you leave coins at the table, they will be returned to the guest.


Tipping is not customary.

Guide excursions

One exception: You are welcome to give the guide on excursions a few dollars (approx. 220-230 yen) as a thank you.
However, it is not expected.

Tip@Click Expert-Tipp:

You still want to thank the staff for a particularly good service and make them happy?
Our recommendation: give small gifts in nice packaging such as a small cake or Japanese sweets. This goes down particularly well!