Tip Guide - Australia

Currency: Australian dollar

Tip name: Tip

Annual income: 50,050 US dollars = 42,442 euros


Tipping is not a must in Australia, but a voluntary decision in recognition of good service. It is therefore not generally expected, although it is of course appreciated. In hotels and restaurants, no service charge is added to the bill. In better restaurants, about 10 per cent of the bill is left on the table if the service was particularly good. In bars and pubs, it is customary not to tip.


Luggage carrier

1 Australian dollar per piece of luggage


For services such as calling a taxi: 1 Australian dollar

Room cleaning

No tip is expected



Up to 10% of the bill for good service or in exclusive restaurants. In cafés and bars, no tip is expected, but if you spend a larger amount, you can buy the bartender a drink. (“and get one for yourself)”.


Tipping is not expected. However, the amount can be rounded up  (“Keep the change”)


1-2 Australian dollars per day


After a job well done, it is customary to give a small tip or a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine as a thank you.

Tip@Click Expert-Info:

In Australia, there are Bring Your Own (BYO) restaurants.
As these do not have a licence to serve alcohol, you can bring your own wine or beer here.