What is the difference between individual IDs and team IDs?

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Tip@Click offers Individual IDs and Team IDs depending on the needs of the service providers.

Individual IDs are particularly suitable for sole traders and smaller businesses. Service providers work individually for themselves, not in teams, and would also like to receive their tip individually for the service provided. Examples include suppliers, taxi drivers, yoga teachers, masseurs, beauticians, chiropodists, artists, etc. Smaller businesses in the hairdressing industry, where each service provider works individually, are also included here. Everyone manages their account independently and also receives the tips given 1:1 on their account. Tip@Click offers these individual IDs free of charge and without commitment.

Team IDs are primarily intended for medium-sized to larger businesses and for working together in teams. Examples are the gastronomy and hotel industry. Up to 10 employees with individual IDs can be assigned to a team code. The account is managed by the business. It can create employees independently and assign them to the respective teams. The distribution key of the tip in % within the group is also selected here. The transmitted tip is thus automatically divided proportionally among the members of the team and then transferred to the respective account.

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