What are the costs and fees with Tip@Click?

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Individual IDs: Tip@Click provides the creation and further use of individual IDs for service providers or service companies free of charge.

Company package: For medium to large companies we recommend the company package. This package contains up to 100 individual IDs and also includes the option of a common company image (CI) for all individual accounts. The company package costs € 15 per month (plus VAT).

Team package: Our team package is ideal for companies where employees work together in teams. It allows the automatic distribution of tips according to a self-adjusted % key. Our team package includes 20 team codes with 100 individual IDs and costs € 20 per month (plus VAT).

Fees are charged for the transfer of tips. These consist of transaction fees on the one hand and portal fees on the other. The total fees amount to €0.20 plus 10% of the respective tip amount including VAT. These costs are paid by the tip givers – if not specifically deselected – so that the tip recipient is left with the full tip amount. If the tip giver unchecks the box for the payment of fees, the costs will be deducted from the tip amount.

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