Tip Guide - Tunisia

Currency: Tunisian Dinar

Tip name: Bakschisch

Annual income: US$12,070 = €10,271


In North African countries, tipping has a long tradition and is an integral part of the culture. In Egypt, Morocco or Tunisia, anyone who is too frugal with the “baksheesh”, i.e. the “gift”, is considered stingy and arrogant. Tipping is therefore expected throughout Tunisia, even for the smallest and sometimes even for unwanted services. In restaurants, it is customary to tip 10% of the bill. The tip should be paid in cash to ensure that it actually goes to the waiter and not to the restaurant owner. 


Luggage carrier

1 dinar per suitcase. 

Room cleaning

1 dinar per suitcase.



10% of the invoice amount.


10% of the invoice amount. Tip: agree on a fixed price before the trip.


3-5 dinars

Tour guide

3-5 dinars


10% of the invoice amount. 

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Tunisians are not allowed to exchange foreign currency at a bank, so be sure to pay them tips in Tunisian dinars.