Tip Guide - Switzerland

Currency: Swiss franc

Tip name: Overtip

Annual income: 68,820 US dollars = 58,710 euros


In Switzerland, tipping has been included in the price of all services for years. The service staff’s performance is thus compensated by the salary. The service staff have no legal claim to the additional compensation. Nevertheless, it is quite common to add another 10% of the invoice amount for good service.



After a longer stay, you can leave an envelope at the reception with a tip for all services.
2% of the invoice amount is appropriate. 


Luggage carrier

1 franc per piece of luggage.

Room cleaning

5 francs per day. The tip can simply be left in the room at the end of the stay. The best way is with a small thank-you card.


5 francs per order. 



Generally, the tip is already included. It is certainly not wrong to give 10% of the invoice amount as a tip in appreciation.
For high bills, it may be less.


A tip is already included. However, taxi drivers are of course happy if the amount is rounded up.

Delivery service

Delivery men are happy about 5 francs per delivery.


Tips are actually already included at the hairdresser. However, it is customary to give an additional 2-5 francs. On the other hand, tip boxes are frowned upon. They could force customers to give a tip.

Tip@Click Expert-Tipp:

In Switzerland, the tip is called an overtip. The reason for this is that it has been included in the service of all services since 1974.
Nevertheless, most Swiss people give an additional tip (overtip) or at least round up the invoice amount.