Tip Guide - Russia

Currency: Russian Rouble

Tip name: Чаевые

Annual income: 26,470 US dollars = 22,428 euros


Although tipping was forbidden during the communist regime in Russia, it is now common and considered a sign of appreciation for the service. The amount is discretionary, the usual amount is between 5% and 10% of the bill. In some more touristy places, the trend is slowly developing that the tip is already included in the bill…

An amount between five and ten per cent of the bill is common for waiters and taxi drivers, and a small tip is also given to the hairdresser. In more upscale restaurants and bars, a tip of 5 to 15% is sometimes added to the bill.




Services such as booking train tickets and theatre tickets are rewarded with 150 to 250 roubles.

Luggage carrier

50-80 Rouble per piece of luggage.

Room cleaning

30-50 Rouble per day.



In upscale restaurants and bars, tips between 5 and 15% are already on the bill. If not: 5-10% is usual.


10-30 roubles depending on the amount of services (loading luggage, opening door,…).
In case of private taxi: a price is agreed, no extra tip usual


It is customary to tip a little (10-30 roubles) or round up.

Petrol station

Usually 10-30 roubles for the refuelling of the vehicle.

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When you visit a restaurant in Russia, you are assigned a table. It can happen that you are placed at a table with strangers.
Coats and jackets should be left at the cloakroom, as it is not appropriate to take them into the restaurant.