Tip Guide - Portugal

Currency: Euro €

Tip name: Dica

Annual income: 32,680 US dollars = 27,868 euros


Tipping is voluntary in Portugal and is considered a sign of satisfaction with the service. Tipping in Portugal is around 10% in restaurants. For taxi rides, you can round up the final amount. As in some southern countries, the tip in Portugal is left on a small plate or on the table. It is considered extremely impolite to leave small amounts such as two or five cent pieces. The legal minimum wage in Portugal is very low. Tipping is therefore a helpful additional income for many.



If there is a communal tip box at reception for all staff, you can also leave a tip at the end of your stay.

Luggage carrier

1€ per piece of luggage.

Room cleaning

1€ per day.


1€ per order. 



The usual amount is 10% of the bill. However, you do not round up the amount, but leave the tip on the table.
In Portuguese bars, tips are usually not given.


For a taxi ride, round up by 5-10%.


Round up to the next even amount or 5-10% of the invoice amount.

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In many regions of Portugal, payment is usually only made in cash. Cashless payment with a debit or credit card is often not common. Especially in smaller towns or in remote places, you should always carry enough cash with you.