Tip Guide - Norway

Currency: Norwegian Krone

Tip name: Tips

Annual income: 68,310 US dollars = 58,219 euros


Generally speaking, it is unusual to give a tip in the Scandinavian countries – as it is in Norway. In many places, a friendly and frequent “Tack”, Takk” or “Tak” (“Thank you” in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish) is quite sufficient. Usually, a certain amount of service is already included in the bill. However, if you want to express your satisfaction, you are welcome to round up the amount in the restaurant or leave a few coins on the counter. 


The service in the hotel is included in the bill, but the amount can be rounded up: A plus of around 5 per cent is usual for good service. 

Luggage carrier

Tipping is unusual.

Room cleaning

Tipping is unusual.


Tipping is not customary, but the amount can be rounded up.



The amount of the bill can be rounded up to the nearest even number or by 3-10%. It is common to leave the tip on the table.


When driving a taxi, the invoice amount can be rounded up to the next even amount or by 3-10 %.


Tipping is unusual.

Tip@Click Expert-Tipp:

If you have finished your meal in Norway, you should place your cutlery on the plate with the prongs facing downwards.
This signals that the plate can be cleared.