Tip Guide - Maldives

Currency: Rufiyaa

Tip name: -

Annual income: US$14,110 = €11,991


Tipping plays a bigger role in the Maldives than in many other holiday countries due to the low income. Tipping is optional. However, if the service is good or the service is satisfactory, the staff will of course be happy to receive a small token of appreciation. In almost all restaurants and cafés in the Maldives, a 10% service charge is included in the price. However, if the service is satisfactory, 5-10% can be added to the bill.


Luggage porter

1 US Dollar per piece of luggage.

Room cleaning

1-2 US Dollar per day.


2-3 US Dollar per order.



The usual is 5-10%. However, in most restaurants a service charge of 10% is already on the bill. 


Price should be negotiated before the trip.

Tour guide

10 US dollars per day.

Tip@Click Expert-Tipp:

The Maldivian currency is the ruffiya. However, this is rarely needed. Both US dollars and euros are actually quite sufficient to get around in the Maldives.
Euro coins should be avoided, however, even as a tip, because they cannot be exchanged. 

By the way: the export and import of Ruffiya is prohibited.