Tip Guide - Italy

Currency: Euro €

Tip name: Mancia
(Coperto = Gedeck)

Annual income: US$42,290 = €36,078


Tipping is actually unusual in the restaurant business in Italy, as a “coperto” (a kind of basic charge for place settings and bread) is usually already included in the restaurant bill. Of course, if the service is very good, you can still leave 1-2 euros on the table. Without a “coperto”, 10% of the bill is considered a reasonable tip. In bars, tipping is also not expected. Occasionally there is a plate or a piggy for the tip at the counter. The general rule in Italy is: even if you pay by card, please tip in cash. 



It is not customary to tip at the reception desk in Italy.

Luggage carrier

1€ per piece of luggage.

Room cleaning

1€ per day or 5 € per week. The money is put on the pillow or on the tray by the bathroom mirror.


1-2 € per order. 



In restaurants, no tip is expected in Italy, as a service charge for place setting and bread (coperto) has already been included. Of course, everyone is happy to leave 1-2 euros at the table. 


Tipping is not required, rounding up the fare is considered a nice gesture.

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In Italy it is customary to issue one bill per table, which is then also paid in one sum. 
It is almost seen as an imposition by the waiter if each guest insists on their own bill.