Tip Guide - Greece

Currency: Euro €

Tip name: υπόδειξη (ypódeixi)

Annual income: US$29,670 = €25,298


Tipping is optional in Greece, but expected, especially in tourist centres. As a guideline, about 10% of the bill is considered an appropriate tip; in taverns or for smaller amounts, round up. After paying, leave the money on the bill plate or on the table; if you pay by credit card, you should also leave the tip in cash so that it reaches the service staff, who are certainly not lavishly paid, in full.



It is not customary to tip at reception in Greece. For special service, 1-2€ can be given.

Luggage carrier

1€ per piece of luggage.

Room cleaning

As a guideline, 1€ per night. This amount can be placed on the bedside cabinet or on the table in the room. If possible, it should be handed over personally on the day of departure.


1-2 € per order. 



Usually 5 to 10%, 50 cents for drinks only. In tavernas the amount is rounded up.


Round up to the full Euro, for special service 1 to 2€ extra.

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Be careful when visiting a restaurant: If you want to order five drinks and express this with your fingers, you should be especially careful. Because in Greece, the open palm of the hand with fingers spread out could be taken as an insult.