Tip Guide - Egypt

Currency: Egyptian pound

Tip name: Bakshish

Annual income: 12,100 US dollars = 10,269 euros


In North African countries, tipping has a long tradition and is an integral part of the culture. In Egypt, Morocco or Tunisia, anyone who is too frugal with the “baksheesh”, i.e. the “gift”, is considered stingy and arrogant. Moreover, many people in Egypt live at the subsistence level. Even those who work in the tourism industry often do not earn enough to provide adequately for their families. Therefore, every Egyptian is happy to receive a tip or is even expected to do so for many services. Tips can be given in euros, dollars or Egyptian pounds. 


Luggage carrier

1-4 Egyptian pounds per suitcase (depending on hotel category)

Room cleaning

3-5 Egyptian pounds per day 



10-15% of the invoice amount


Always agree on the price before boarding, tip: 5-10% of the price.


25-40 £E for one week, per traveller


70-100 Egyptian pounds for one week, per traveller


1 Egyptian pound

Tip@Click Expert Tipp:

In restaurants in Egypt, the principle applies: if the plate is empty, it is refilled; if there are still leftovers on the plate, the guest is full. 

What should be avoided at all costs: Photographing the food!