Tip Guide - Dominican republic

Currency: Dominican peso

Tip name: Propina

Annual income: US$16,950 = €14,362


Tipping is voluntary in the Dominican Republic. As a sign of satisfaction, people give between 5 and 10% of the bill as a tip – preferably in US dollars. In some restaurants, a 10% tip is already included on the bill.


Luggage carrier

1 dollar per piece of luggage.

Room cleaning

2-5 dollars per day.



As a guideline: 10% of the invoice amount (if this is not already included in the invoice), otherwise round up the amount.


No tips are expected. The price is usually rounded up. As a guideline, 10-20 pesos.

Tour guide

Half-day excursion: 5 US dollars; Day excursion: 10 US dollars.

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In addition to tips, small gifts such as pens, lighters or cosmetics are also appreciated in the Dominican Republic.