Currency: Euro

Tip name: Savjet

JAnnual income: US$27,180 = €23,217


Unlike some countries, tipping in Croatia is not usually included in the bill amount. And although it is not a must, it is still customary to tip an additional 10% if you were satisfied with the service.



It is not customary to tip at reception in Croatia.

Luggage carrier

1€ per piece of luggage.

Room cleaning

1 € tip per day or 5€ per week, left on the bedside table or pillow.


2-5 € per order. 



If the service is good, 10% of the bill is appropriate. 


Taxi drivers do not expect a tip, but are of course happy if the amount is rounded up.  

Tip@Click Expert-Tipp:

We recommend tipping the hotel staff in between or daily, after all, you will be depending on their good service for a longer time
– and sometimes the room teams change.