Tip Guide - China

Currency: Chinese Yuan (CNY)

Tip name: 小费 (Xiǎofèi)

Annual income: 18,170 US dollars = 15,382 euros


Tipping is a bit complicated in China. Until about 20 years ago, tipping was not common in China, even frowned upon. Even today, tipping waiters or taxi drivers can be met with astonishment or even mild indignation. In communist China, tipping was considered an imperialist gesture, a way of highlighting the difference between giver and taker (“I am rich and you are poor”). In a society where everyone is equal, there should be no such thing (it would mean “loss of face”). In recent years, people have become increasingly accustomed to tipping. It has become established as part of the earnings, especially for tour guides and drivers. In addition, the more exclusive a hotel or restaurant, or the more international the orientation and the audience, the more likely it is that a tip will be expected, based on American rules.


Luggage carrier

5 Yuan per piece of luggage

Room cleaning

3 Yuan per day


3 Yuan per order



Tipping is not customary


Tipping is not customary


Approximate tip: 50 Yuan per day per person


25-40 Yuan per day per person

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Be careful when eating with chopsticks:
Never tap your chopsticks against the bowl – only beggars do that! 
It is absolutely taboo to stick the chopsticks vertically into the rice: Because this is the symbol for death and means that someone has died or is about to die (bad omen). A chopstick is only inserted into the rice at a funeral and is a symbol for the dead person.