Tip Guide - Bulgaria

Currency: Bulgarian Lev

Tip name: Бакшиш

Annual income: 22,300 US dollars = 18,949 euros


In Bulgaria, tipping is an important source of income given the relatively low wages in the Bulgarian tourism industry. Depending on how satisfied you were with the service, the tip in Bulgaria is from 10 percent of the final bill. The tip in Bulgaria can be given either in euros (preferably in notes) or in the national currency of Bulgaria – the lev (in the plural leva).



It is not customary to tip at the reception desk in Bulgaria.

Luggage carrier

0,5-2 € per piece of luggage.

Room cleaning

0,5-2 € per day.


About 10% of the order value.  



The usual tip is 10% of the invoice amount.


Tipping in taxis is common but still considered generous. 10% of the bill or 1-2 euros is appropriate. For extras, such as carrying suitcases, a little more can be given. 

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Good to know: In Bulgaria, negation and agreement are expressed exactly the other way round than in our country.
Shaking the head means agreeing and nodding the head means disagreeing.