Tip Guide - Brazil

Currency: Brazilian Real

Tip name: Dica

Annual income: 15,850 US dollars = 13,439 euros


Tipping is generally customary in Brazil and amounts to about 10%. Although almost all hotels and restaurants already add 10% service charge to the bill, tips are still expected. In principle, a tip should be given for every service, as income in Brazil is very low and many need it as additional income.


Luggage carrier

2-5 Reals (1-2 €) per piece of luggage

Room cleaning

2-5 Reals (1-2 €) per day



Usually 10% of the total amount (if the tip has not already been included)

Couvert Artistico

If a band is playing in the restaurant and it is pointed out somewhere in the restaurant, a “couvert artístico” is to be paid, the compulsory contribution for the benefit of the artists, which, however, amounts to a few euros at the most.


It is not customary to tip. However, the amount can be rounded up.


A tip of 2-5 reals is appropriate (max. 10%).

Shoeshine boy

A tip of 2-5 reals is appropriate (max. 10%).

Petrol station

A tip of 2-5 reals is appropriate (max. 10%).


3 to 5 US dollars per person per day. For a private excursion: give around 10 US dollars per person.

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By the way: The 10% service charge already included in the bill is not obligatory.
If you are not satisfied with the service, you can simply deduct it from the total.