Tip Guide - Austria

Currency: Euro €

Tip name: Trinkgeld

Annual income: 55,300 US dollars = 47,177 euros


Tipping is voluntary in Austria and is considered a sign of satisfaction with the service. In gastronomy, however, tipping has long since become an established part of payment. It is given upon receipt of the bill. When paying in cash, the amount is usually rounded up by 5-10% (“it fits”). For larger amounts, however, it is not impolite to remain a little below 10%. When it comes to smaller amounts, on the other hand, petty rounding is rather embarrassing and is considered stingy. In general, there are also regional differences in Austria: the amount of tips in rural areas is often significantly lower than in urban areas. 



In Austria, it is customary not to tip at the reception desk.

Luggage carrier

1€ per piece of luggage.

Room cleaning

1-2 € per day. Ideally, the money is handed over directly before departure or you leave a “thank you” note together with the money. 


2-5 € per order. 



In Austria, if you want to tip the shop assistants in supermarkets, you are now allowed to do so in most chains. Often people simply do without change.



Usually 5-10% (depending on the amount or satisfaction).


5-10 % of the fare.

Delivery service

Usual 1-2€ for the delivery man.


5-10% of the invoice amount.

Tip@Click Expert-Tipp:

In Austria, tips are traditionally given in cash. Even when paying by card, it is often recommended to give a tip in addition and directly in cash.
This ensures that it reaches the right person.